This list, which is current as of September 2016, is a listing of the KVFDs veteran members. A veteran member is a someone who has served at least 15 years with the Kentville Volunteer Fire Department and, as such, we feel that these members deserve special recognition. 


Carl Benjamin

Peter Best

Derek Bezanson

Gary Clayton

Fred Crossan

Kendell Crouse

Paul Cunningham

Ted Davis

Wayne Davis

Darren Coxhead

John Durno

Vernon Ellis

Janet Fairclough

Gary Hewey

Harmon Illsley

Russell Jess

Carl Johnson

Kenneth Johnson

Peter Jolly

George Kennedy

Brian Kingsbury

Kenneth Kingsbury 

Paul Laurence

Daryl Leslie

Kevin Leslie

Stephen Leslie

William Lightfoot

Walter Margeson

Donald Meisner

Frank Moore

Bruce Norton

David Palmeter

David Preston

Shawn Ripley

Brian Saunders

Robert Spicer

Ryan Stronach

Clinton Swindell

Robert Trefrey

Mark Turner

Derek Vaughn




The Kentville Volunteer Fire Department thanks all of its veteran members for their years of dedicated service.